Retirement Planning

Whether you’re just getting started, you’re well in the accumulation phase, 

or your looking for tax efficient distribution strategies…

we’re here to help.


Retirement Planning is more than just building a nest egg.

Today…we are living longer than ever.

Are we planning for the possibility of 20…30…or more years in retirement?

We take a comprehensive view to retirement planning.  What that means is we focus not just on the growth of your assets.  We focus on how tax efficient you are with your accounts.  And we implement risk management strategies to help protect you from the risks of dying too soon, outliving your money, and becoming ill.

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Asset Accumulation

The pre-retirement phase of asset accumulation is of paramount importance for you to achieve the lifestyle you want in retirement.

Our financial planning process considers more than simply saving “X” amount of dollars over “Y” number of years to get to “Z” retirement goal (though you get that too).

We build out the most tax efficient financial plan for you, so that you are not needlessly eroding your assets by being taxed unnecessarily.

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The asset accumulation phase…like all phases must start with a plan.  You need to have an honest assessment of where you are (Point “A”), and where you want to go (Point “B”) in order to know which way to go.  It’s your financial map.  

Next step is to assess your risk profile.  Your risk profile will determine your personal comfort level with various levels of risk.  Your personal risk profile is then used in conjunction with your financial goals to determine a proper asset allocation to get you to where you need to go, in a manner you are comfortable with taking.

Once that is in place, we begin asset accumulation.  We build your nest egg with proper investments to get you to Point “B”.

Along the way, you will have 3 quarterly reviews each year and 1 annual review.  The purpose of these reviews is to keep your plan up-to-date.  Things change in life, your financial plan may need to change as well.

Don’t leave your financial plan up to chance without a plan!

Retirement Income Distribution

Once you reach retirement…now there are a new host of complex issues to navigate.

How will you take distributions can have dramatic effects on how long your money will last you.

Do you have options?

Is all your money in one account…being taxed the same way?

What happens if tax laws change?

What will happen to your retirement when we experience a prolonged recession?

Do you have other assets to draw upon while you recoup your stock market losses?

Our financial planning process addresses future tax risks and market riskssetting you up for the retirement you planned…because you planned with us.

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One of the largest fears of retirees is the fear of running out of money.

Many fail to realize how difficult the distribution phase is…and how important.  One mistake can take years off the retirement income, exposing them to a greater risk of running out of money in retirement.

Proper planning in the distrubution phase requires discipline and expertise.  

You must navigate the complexities of:

  • Which assets do you sell and when?
  • What is your tax liability now…next year…in ten years?
  • Which assets will provide you income and when will you take that income?
  • Do you want to leave anything to your family or charities?

These are difficult questions to answer, and they are vital to answer correctly.  And the truth is…most people that begin planning early have more options in retirement.  

Guaranteed Income

How much of your retirement income do you want to guarantee?

Most people will say “all of it.”  Unfortunately that is not always practical.  However, it is practical and prudent to guarantee a portion of your retirement income.

In our retirement planning process, we address guaranteeing a portion of your income to reduce the risks of a market correction destroying your retirement lifestyle.

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Guaranteeing a portion of your income can be a powerful component to your financial plan.

This is done through insurance products such as life insurance and annuities (which do come with fees and expenses).  

The sooner this is incorporated into a financial plan, the more powerful this can become.

Many older insurance products promising a guarnateed income fell very short of their promises.  But like our phones, these products have improved dramatically.  We believe that it is always worth considering if the fees are worth the confidence knowing that a portion of your income will be guaranteed in retirement.

Ready to start planning your retirement?

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