Modern Financial Planning

The old model of financial planning is costly.

It cost too much of your time…and too much of your money.

Many Financial Advisors would only offer a financial plan if they managed your assets…costing you at least 1% every year in Assets Under Management (AUM) Fees.

You had to drive to their office…spend at least an hour with them to give control of your money over to the Advisor whose number one objective is not to create a solid financial plan for you…but to get that 1% AUM.

Some Advisors do offer fee based financial planning.

The average financial plan will cost you between $3,000 and $10,000.

And many will waive that fee if you allow them to manage your assets (back to getting that 1% AUM).

At Orange County Wealth Management we offer a better solution.

We are now offering professional class financial planning at a fraction of the cost, and completely virtual!

The meeting is online.

Your plan is online.

We can adjust your plan in real time as things in your life change.

You get confidence in knowing your probability of success…for whatever financial goal is important to you

About Divi Marketing

Our Approach to Financial Planning is Centered Around You…Giving You All the Options.


As the plan develops…there will be recommendations made to improve your probability of success.

You have the option of keeping us on retainer for as long as you desire…working side by side to implement your recommendations.

If you like your investments in your online trading account…

Keep it!

We will advise you on proper asset allocation, contributions, and distributions to achieve your financial goals in the most tax efficient strategy possible.

If insurance is recommended and you have a friend in the business…

Use them!

We will work along side you and any other people in your circle to make certain you not only don’t overpay for your insurance…but that it is structured in a way to give you the maximum benefit.

You will also receive 3 quarterly reviews and 1 annual review to make any necessary adjustments to your plan and your portfolio.

So how much does all this cost?

Average financial planning costs have a wide range…ranging from about $2,500 to $10,000!

And we believe that most financial plans are worth more than that cost.

Some Advisors will waive that fee if you hand over all your assets to be managed by the Advisor.  So in that scenario…it can cost between 1% to 2% of your invested assets.

If you have a $100,000 portfolio…that will cost you $1,000 to $2,000 every year.

If you have a $1,000,000 portfolio…that will cost you $10,000 to $20,000 every year.

And with all the ancillary services most top notch Advisors provide…we believe that it is worth the cost.

The thing is….many people just don’t want to pay it!

And with Orange County Wealth Management…you won’t pay that!

People have their online investing account…and like it there.

They have a busy schedule and need to utilize their time wisely.

They just want an affordable, professional financial plan…and some professional advice along the way.

That is where we come in.


Orange County Wealth Management’s Fee Based Financial Planning


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The first step is to schedule a 15 minute phone consultation.  We have a brief and friendly discussion about what your concerns are, what you want to accomplish, and how we may be able to help.

This call is completely free.

Afterwards, you can decide if you want to move forward and get a professional financial plan at a fraction of the cost…on your terms!

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